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Republic of Texas Treaty
with the Nation of Mexico

The Secret Treaty of Velasco
14th day of May 1836

Secret Treaty

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, General in Chief of the Army of Operations and President of the Republic of Mexico, before the Government established in Texas, solemnly pledges himself to fulfill the stipulations contained in the following Articles, so far as concerns himself.

Art. 1.

He will not take up arms nor cause them to be taken up against the People of Texas during the pres- ent War of Independence.

Art. 2d.

He will give his Orders that in the shortest time the Mexican Troops may leave the Territory of Texas.

Art. 3d.

He will so prepare matters in the Cabinet of Mexico that the Mission that may be sent thither by the Govern- ment of Texas, may be well received, and that by means of negociations all differences may be settled and the Independence that has been declared by the Convention may be acknowledged

Art. 4.

A treaty of Commerce, Amity and limits will be established between Mexico and Texas. The territory of the latter not to extend beyond the Rio. Bravo del Norte.

Art. 5th

The prompt return of Genl. Santa Anna to Vera Cruz being indispensable for the purpose of effecting his solemn engagements, the Government of Texas will provide for his immediate embarkation for said port.

Art. 6th

This instrument being Obligatory on one part as well as on the other will be signed by duplicate, remaining folded and sealed untill the negociation shall have been concluded, when it will be restored to his Excellency General Santa Anna; no use of it to be made before that time unless there should be an infraction by either of the Contracting parties

Port of Velasco May 14. 1836

(Signed) David G. Burnet [President Republic of Texas]

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna [President Republic of Mexico]

James Collinsworth Sec. of State [Republic of Texas]

Baily Hardiman Sec. of Treasury [Republic of Texas]

P. H. Grayson Atty Genl. [Republic of Texas]