Nation of Texas

Nation of Texas

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The Republic
of Texas
"Committed to the Peaceful and
Lawful Restoration of Texas as an
Independent and Sovereign Nation."

Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. They have existed since God created the earth and man and endowed man with his rights. He is the Supreme Lawgiver and His is the Supreme Law.


The Republic of Texas

It Really Is a Whole Other Country

The major media has portrayed the Republic of Texas as a 'separatist movement.' The truth is that the Republic of Texas is a NATION, and has been since 1836 when it was established by the People of Texas who won independence from Mexico.

The "movement" that exists is the People of Texas working to lawfully reclaim the soil of Texas from the UNITED STATES which has held Texas as a captured nation since 1865. And we are NOT 'separatists.'

The congress of the UNITED STATES failed from 1836 to 1845 to gain a majority vote in the Senate for a treaty to annex Texas. This is the only way for congress, by lawfully delegated authority, to deal with another independent nation. They finally passed a joint resolution (a statement of intent with no force of law) to fraudulently perform the annexation.

The People of Texas voted by a 75% margin to withdraw from the Union in 1861, under the principle that All Political Power is Inherent in the People. This principle is stated in every Texas Constitution. After the Civil War the Union Army came to Texas and established Military Rule. There has never been another vote by the People to join the Union.

The fact that Texas is not, and never has been, lawfully a part of the UNITED STATES is one that is not palatable to many because of our emotional ties to the beliefs we have been taught all our lives. But belief does not change the facts! When we begin to understand how we have lost our individual, God Given Rights, and realize that we have the opportunity once again to be truly free to own property and exercise our rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, we can be truly FREE as God and our forefathers intended.


Republic of Texas
Mission Statement

The Republic of Texas is working to bring forth individual, political, social, and economic independence for all the People of Texas as well as to restore Texas to its rightful place as a Nation among the Nations of the World.

The People of the Republic of Texas adhere to the long established principle that All Political Power is Inherent in the People, not in an oppressive central government, and it is our goal to gather the People of Texas together to restore a proper, lawful government for Texas and to restore an environment where the People can live according to their God Given rights, liberties and purpose.

The Primary Goals of the Republic of Texas

 Promote recognition of the lawful status of Texas as an independent nation.

 Educate the People of Texas about their loss of freedoms due to the actions of the Federal & State Governments.

 Restore to the People the ability to live their lives free of government intervention.

 Bring the People of Texas together into a Constitutional Convention to form a proper lawful government dedicated to the protection of individual rights, property rights and defense of the country.

 Return Texas to a intrinsic money system (gold & silver) and eliminate the current debt money (Federal Reserve Notes).

 Return to the Common Law, Freedom & Self Responsibility

 Return control of education to the local level.

 Return control of government to the local level.

 Remove the burden of over taxation and absurd taxes from the People.

 Promote, for all Texians, equal access to the world for business purposes through Fair and Equal Reciprocating treaties with other countries.


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