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Notice:: This is not a sanctioned site by any of the Republic of Texas Officials.

See the map above? Yea its all our Texas!

This site is run and privately owned by private citizens of the Republic of Texas and the opinions may not be the official opinion of the official officers of the Texas Independence Movment or the Republic of Texas.

The Republic of Texas is Texians -- Everyday Joes/Janes, average sentient live humans. The hundreds of thousands of Republic of Texas citizens are working behind the scenes, continually and constantly for the peaceful severing of all ties to the UNITED STATES.

Many of the pages inside may be slow loading. Because, as always, Texians want the biggest and the best!

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The seat of this government shall be ten miles square!

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By entering this site you STIPULATE under an oath most binding on the conscience that you are not working for any United States' government, directly, indirectly, or by contract, in any investigatory capacity, and if an employee of any United States' government agency or instrumentality, you will abide by all constitutional, statutory, and common laws while on this site, no matter how difficult that may be for you.

You can rely on the fact that the owner of this site does recognize that Texas is a nation held hostage and has been held hostage since 1861, when the United States invaded the peaceful nation of Texas, without a declared war, raped the people of their wealth, installed their own FEDERALLY IMPOSED government, under the carpetbagger system, which enforced illiteracy to the highest degree in the highest offices of their illegal corporate state of Texas, robbing Texians of their nation, government and heritage.

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Yes the flags are pretty. But patriotism to an ill-gotten symbol of a flag is merely being manipulated by those who want control of all humans and the lands and people of Texas. I do not seek severance or independence due to some piece of cloth, but by the TRUTH of history and facts of law.